NJSUG 2008 Fourth Quarter Meeting

We met 9:00am - noon on Tuesday, Dec. 9 at:

SAS Bedminster Training Center
1430 US Highway 206 North
Suite 200
Bedminster, NJ 07921
Phone 908-470-0080


11:40- noon

Meeting Registration, gathering and continental breakfast
PROC SQL: Tips and Translations for Data Step Users (Gail Jorgensen and Susan Marcella)
SAS Enterprise BI: the Need, the Pitch, the Implementation (Mike Occhipinti)
Random Access, Door Prizes and Closing Remarks

PROC SQL: Tips and Translations for Data Step Users


Presentation power point file


PROC SQL is a powerful addition to the SAS tool repertoire. However, it can be a bit confusing to programmers more accustomed to the syntax and operations of the SAS Data Step, especially when attempting to make sense of various types of joins. This presentation will focus on ‘translating’ PROC SQL for Data Step users and will provide tips and suggestions for situations in which PROC SQL can be particularly useful.


Gail Jorgensen is a retired applications analyst currently acting as a consultant with Palisades Research, Inc. Gail has worked extensively with SAS since 1976, in various capacities from systems support to application design and programming. For the last 20 years, she has provided database and SAS support to the Epidemiology & Health Studies department of ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc. She has presented twice at SUGI.

Susan Marcella is an applications analyst for the Epidemiology & Health Studies department of ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc. Susan has been working with SAS since 1982, starting as a teacher/consultant for internal corporate staff at IBM, then as a freelance application and database designer and programmer, before joining EMBSI in 2005. Susan has an MBA in Computer Applications and Information Systems from NYU Stern Graduate School of Business, and has designed and taught courses in Base SAS and basic SQL queries.

SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI): the Need, the Pitch, the Implementation


Healthcare data is growing its size and subject area as fast as the demand for it. Informatics at Horizon has continually had to come up with new SAS technologies and business practices to address the demand and delivery of health care analytics to an ever changing environment. This presentation will briefly describe our approach through SAS EBI to address the future of health care reporting. This SAS solution is adaptable to any industry where there is a need for data analytics.


Mike Occhipinti is the Director of Informatics, Clinical Data Warehousing at Horizon. A SAS programmer since 1993, Mike has worked for Horizon since 1990 on large scale Enterprise projects including the installation of SAS on multiple platforms.