Archive of Past Presentations

November 2013

"How Mobile Changes the BI Experience", Murali Nori
"Whirlwind Tour Around SAS Visual Analytics" article and slide deck with FREE self-study links, Ted Stolarczyk

May 2012

"Now You Can Annotate Your SG Procedure Graphs", Dan Heath

Nov 2011

"Multi-sheet Workbooks from SAS® data using the ODS ExcelXP tagset or Another Way to EXCEL using SAS Downloads", Cynthia Stetz
"Predictive Modeling with JMP 9 Pro", Aashish Majethia

July 2011

"PROC FORMAT: The Basics and Beyond", Andrew Karp
"PROC MEANS: The Basics and Beyond", Andrew Karp

Mar 2011

"What Were We Talking about at Those SAS Conferences, or Let's Make Some Tag Clouds ", Chang Y. Chung and John King
"It's All About Variation: Improving Your Business Process with Statistical Thinking", Blair Christian (presenter)

Dec 2010

"Interactive and Efficient Macro Programming with Prompts in SAS Enterprise Guide", Kenneth Sucher
"Handling XML Documents with SAS", Lex Jansen

Oct 2010

"Condensed and Sparse Indexes for Sorted SAS Datasets", Mark Keintz
"What's New with JMP® 9", Valerie Hyde

May 2010

"Tiptoe Through the Templates", Cynthia Zender
"Roundtable Discussion: The "Hottest" SAS Skills", Moderator: Roberto Lopez (NJSUG); Discussants: Matt Aston (Smith Hanley); Gourish Hosangady (Inforeem); Beilei Xu (Merck); Cynthia Zender (SAS)

March 2010

"Revolutionary BI: A Vision for Business Intelligence ", Charles Kincaid
"Using Advanced Features of User-defined Formats and Informats ", Ron Cody
"Special Training: An Introduction to Data Cleaning", Ron Cody

December 2009

"Let Your Data Power Your DATA Step", Howard Schreier
"Using PROC RANK and PROC UNIVARIATE to Rank or Decile Variables", Jonas Bilenas

September 2009

"Data Visualization Using JMP and SAS", Valerie Hyde
"Development on a Dime: Creating Your SAS Programming Environment", Michael Davis

June 2009

"Effective Graphics using the SG Procedures", Dan Heath
"Secrets of the SG Procedures/ODS Graphics Designer", Dan Heath

March 2009

"Interactive Macro Processing with Dynamic Domains", Brian Clawson
"Is This Macro Parameter Blank?", Chang Y. Chung and John King

December 2008

"PROC SQL: Tips and Translations for Data Step Users", Gail Jorgensen and Susan Marcella
"SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence(EBI)", the Need, the Pitch, the Implementation", Mike Occhipinti

March 2005

"Take an In-Depth Look at the %EVAL Function", Beilei Xu and Lei Zhang
"A Guide to Understanding Web Application Development", (paper by Rob Girardin + Corey Benson), Scott Leslie

December 2004

"SAS 9 and Business Intelligence", Terry Druckman
"%SYSFUNC; a powerful SAS tool", Foster Kerrison

September 2004

"ODS:  Step by Step", Wendi Wright
"PROC SQL - Is It a Required Tool of Good SASョProgramming?", Dr. Ian Whitlockp>

June 2004

"Mrs. Clean Tackles Dirty Data", Janet Stuelpner
"The Input Statement: Where It's @ ", Ron Cody

March 2004

"Testing and Validating SAS Programs OR Beyond Debugging: Program Validation", Neil Howard
"ODS on SAS V9.1",Sandy McNeil, Eric Gebhartp>

December 2003

"Using SAS Drug Development as a Report Management Application", Barry R. Cohen
Not quite "PROC AUTOBUCKET", Bob Bertolatus

October 2003

"LAG with a WHERE" and other DATA Step Stories, Neil Howard
"ETL Studio on V9.1", Gary Mehlerp>

June 2003

"Introduction to Mapping with SAS/GRAPH", Mike Zdeb
"SyncSort - Making SAS applications run faster", Suzanne Malzacherp>

March 2003

"Data about Data: An Introduction to Dictionary Tables", Frank DiIorio
"Summarization with Proc Means", Ron Cody
"SAS Drug Development", Terry Druckmanp>

December 2002

"ODS Output - A Discussion of Some Examples", Cynthia Stetz
"SAS Version 9 Features", Terry Druckmanp>

October 2002

"To Web or not to Web", David Ward.
"PROC TABULATE:  Doin' it in STYLE!", Ray Pass & Sandy McNeillp>

June 2002

"Choice of Development Tool for the User Interface of a Client-Server Application . . .", Barry R. Cohen
"SAS and ODS / Publishing to a Web Site - IBM / OS390 Implementation", Sanja Batljanp>

March 2002

"You Could Look It Up: An Introduction to SASHELP Dictionary Views", Michael Davisp>

December 2001

"Intro to the Macro Map", Russ Lavery, Saad Anbari, Musa Nsereko
"The Macro Reference Environment . . .", Russ Lavery, Saad Anbari, Musa Nserekop>

September 2001

"Covariant Method for Analysis of Stability Data", Clayton Rasmussen
"An Application of PROC NLP to Survey Sample Weighting", Talbot Katzp>

June 2001

"Creating and Using Summary Data Sets - Additions In SAS V8", Ron Cody
"SAS Version 8.2 enhancements", Scott Vodickap>

March 2001

"You can do THAT with SAS Software? Using the socket access method . . .",  David Ward.
"Analyzing the stock market using SAS software", Jim Arvesenp>

October 2000

"On visualizing Direct and Partial Correlations",  Leonardo E. Auslender
"Data Warehousing  and MDDB processing using the SAS system", George Bukhbinderp>

April 2000

"SAS Certified Professional Program", Roger Staum
"Overview of AppDev Studio", Carl LaChapellep>

March 2000

" Web Publishing Using SAS Software", Chris Bresson
" SAS Career Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry", Jean Kim and Lloyd Turnerp>

September 1999

" Longitudinal Data Techniques: Looking Across Observations", Ronald P. Cody
" Discontented with PROC CONTENTS? Expand it with FMTLIB", Irene Mendelsonp>

June 1999

" The New FDA Industry Guidelines for Electronic Regulatory Submissions", Rich Vachal
" PROC LP for Dummies -or- How to decide which NFL games to attend", Bob Bertolatusp>

March 1999

" Additions to the SAS System including ODS" - Paul Kent, SAS Institute, Cary, NC
" What Your Mother Never Told You About the Query Window" - Janet E. Stuelpner, ASG, Inc., Cary, NCp>

December 1998

"Getting Started with PROC LOGISTIC" and "Indexing and Compressing SAS Data Sets . . .", Andrew Karp.p>

September 1998

"DATA Step in Version 7: What's New?", William F. Heffner
"Statistical Graphics", Susan Fehrer and Stanley Willsky

May 1998

"Introduction to HTML - No Magic Involved", Bob Bertolatus
"Web Enabling Your SAS Application", James Sun

February 1998

"SCL for the Rest of Us: Non-Visual Uses of Screen Control Language", Michael Davis
"Harnessing the Power of SCL Lists", Lisa Horwitz